Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the literally

I feel like this blog has turned into an outlet for all of the complaints we have regarding our apartment/each other. order to continue that trend I would like to file a complaint. Last night as Bev and I sat in the living room, watching a little TV, we began to notice that our living room was incredibly warm, or rather stifling. Bev and I were puzzled because as soon as the temperature outdoors reached 60-70s, we turned off every heat dial in our house. I decided to inspect the heat dial in the living room myself to make sure it was exactly were we left it...OFF. Imagine my surprise to find that the dial was cranked all the way up to 85F. I was speechless. I relayed my discovery to Bev....she had a one word response for me...GERALDINE.

Now, for those of you who don't know, Geraldine has a tendency to crank the heat in every room in the house, especially the living room. Now usually, Bev, Betty or I immediately turn the heat back down to where it should be after Ger touches it, however none of us realized that Geraldine turned our heat up to sauna status last night. I think we may need to take drastic measures...high school style, cover the temperature dial with plastic and lock it...take that Geraldine...just kidding, love ya!

Since we don't post as regularly as we did 1st semester, I feel the need to give some updates...
- No worries friends, we passed our housing inspection, no violations here!
- Bev has decided to attend Loyola next year for grad school...get it GIRRRRRL!
- BJ gave her very first seminar presentation yesterday and she ROCKED it!
- Betty now has 12 participants for her seminar study...yeah!
- Geraldine now makes it until almost 12 am everynight...congrats Ger, you're no longer a grandma :)
- Alistair now responds when you yell "hey ugly," it seems we've trained him well

Thats all for now friends, more posts to come over spring break. I hope everyone travels safe and don't forget not to do anything we wouldn't do.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kitchen Overhaul

In an effort to completely clean our apartment, we decided it was high time the fridge had an overhaul. While this seemed like a brilliant idea, we soon found we had our work cut out for us. Exhibit #1: Sour mix, spilled all over the bottom shelf of the fridge-it's been there since week 2 of first semester...disgusting. Exhibit #2: Salad dressing leaked out of the bottle onto all three door shelves- the result, every single bottle in the door had to be rinsed and dried. Exhibit #3: "deli drawer" had crumbs and peaces of unrecognizable food- the result- Betty had to get down and dirty in the shower with it.

For some, cleaning the nasty fridge would have been enough, but for Betty, Bev and I, it was just the beginning. We decided, in order to make the kitchen more efficient, we needed to rearrange all of the counter-tops/cupboards. BRILLIANT...3 hours later, it was not so brilliant. While this process did take up most of our Friday night, it was worth it when Geraldine walked in the kitchen the next morning and couldn't find a glass..BAHAHAH.

That is all for now.

The seminary 3 cleaning service

Monday, March 2, 2009

Seminary 3 = WW4

So this weekend, Betty and Geraldine ditched BJ and Bev to go home. Now normally, BJ and Bev would have utilized this time to clean the apartment and make it look presentable for when the other half of our family returned, however, this weekend that did not happen, which in turn left our apartment in a state which would horrify any fraternity member.

Brief description of the nastiness that is our apartment:

Kitchen- Dirty dishes (mostly mine) line the sink, clean dishes are overflowing on the "drain" side of the sink. The floor has not been swept/mopped in over a week. The countertops look like a break factory, aka crumbs are everywhere.

Dinning Room- Books, papers, binders, notebooks, makeup, nail-polish, laptops and cups cover the entire table. Also the floor has not been vacuumed in almost 2 weeks.

Living Room- Again, papers, books, backpacks and cups cover almost every surface area. Also, all of the furniture is disarranged from Bev's photography project. PS- we are still missing several bouncy balls from that particular endeavor, if you find any, let us know.

Bathroom- Perhaps the nastiest room in the house, this one does not even deserve a description, i'll leave it up to your imagination.

I would say that the ladies of seminary 3 need to clean, immediately, before their apartment becomes a health violation...just kidding, its really not that bad, just messier than our usual neat freak status.

Kisses to all this cold afternoon,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


First I must begin by apologizing. I have been informed, by several of our loyal readers, that the seminary 3 blog has not lived up to its first semester standards. For this I am sorry, seminar is currently ruling my life, and I'm fairly certain, Betty, Geraldine and Bev have forgotten about this poor little blog.

I will, however, promise that I will do a better job of keeping the blog updated, as it allows some of you to procrastinate for a little bit longer.

I have decided, since it has been almost 3 weeks since the last post, to give updates on all of the roommates as well as some of our important friends.

Barbara Jean:
BJ's life has become a black hole of seminar hell as of late. She has enjoyed 3 weeks of sleep overs with Roy as well as new found addiction to Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Coffee. Her roommates hardly ever see her and seem to be locking her out constantly.

Betty has been up to the usual Spanish and Kinesiology homework, also she has a new found love of garlic bagel chips, which make the rest of the roommates, BJ especially flee when she enters a room.

Our lovely law school applicant was just accepted to SLU, (congrats GD!!) news which she was thrilled to hear, as it means she has a future :)

Oh much to say. Our lovely Psychology Grad school applicant has been accepted to both MS and Loyola...YAY BEV! Now it comes down to choosing one, which may be more difficult than the application process itself.

Journey Jo:
Our beloved bride-to-be has been working on planning her wedding as well as plodding through her senior seminar, get it girl!

Our friendly GC native has been absent as of late due to a serious of illnesses which, today, landed her in the hospital, our thoughts are with you Chas.

Has reached a new status on the "Seminary 3 Loves You Chart" as he purchased Heavyweights (Yes, the movie about the fat camp kids) and mailed it to Betty for all of Seminary 3 to enjoy!

No surprises here...he's still an asshole

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief update, I promise to keep the blog updated with amusing daily occurrences.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Children's books and Three Ways

I Barbara Jean, may have had the most interesting day of my college experience. Today I received an email telling me I had a package at the Student Union. I knew exactly what it was-several books I have been waiting for. One of which was the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Irving. Imagine my surprise when the envelope containing this book was completely flat. Nevertheless, I refused to be perturbed, I opened the package, pulled out its contents and looked down to find myself holding a children's picture book entitled "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." I was at this point, slightly confused as I had directly copied the ISBN HB had given us. Now either HB is playing a cruel joke on us and this is truly the book we need or he gave us the wrong number. Anyways, my roommates found this whole ordeal hilarious, for me, however it was frustrating. No worries, I will be sure to keep you updated on the Sleepy Hollow situation.

On another note, I received a hysterical phone call from Betty last night telling me I had to come home immediately. SO, being the good friend I am, I hauled my ass home to see what exactly had put her in such a tizzy. Imagine my surprise to discover her three way video chatting with Cornelius and his brother,Lawrence . For whatever reason, the four of us became slap happy which led to Cornelius performing an entire dance routine in his desk chair to the one and only Ping Pong Song as well as the ever entertaining brotherly banter between the two boys.

And there we have it...a summary of the last few days at Seminary 3. We promise the updates will become more consistent, once we become bored with our classwork and need to procrastinate.

That is all-
Sorry bout ya

BJ and Betty

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear President Casey.....

I would like to inform you that today should have been a snow day. Either you cancel classes or you teach physical plan how to shovel sidewalks. This morning when I opened my front door, I discovered that our entire sidewalk/steps area was covered with snow that reached my knees. Luckily I was wearing my trusty Ugg boots, however other students were not so lucky. It literally took me 10 minutes to cross the street and reach each college. Mind you this was at 10:30, thus there should have been plenty of time for the sidewalks to have been cleared but alas they were not. Also, the city of Greencastle needs to learn how to work their snow plows properly. Not only were most of the streets not plowed, but the ones that were plowed were done so horribly that cars were getting stuck. So the purpose of this post? To let President Casey know that today should have been a snow day.

That is my rant
Hugs and Kisses,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

And I returned from Egypt alive!

Since it has been 3 weeks since Ive updated, I decided it was about time. So lets begin with Egypt...lets just say it may have been one of the most amazing times of my life. We rode camels, bartered with the natives, ate falafel, ran from the riot police, flirted with Egyptian men and touched the Nile, amongst other things. Cairo was dirty and smelly but beautiful none the less. One interesting development is that each Egyptian bathroom contains a beday (so NOT spelled correctly), my roommate thought it was a urinal and thus sprayed herself in the face with toilet water. Overall it was an amazing trip and I am missing the "gypt" already, in fact I am planning a trip back this summer :). In other news, our lives (those of us who are greek) are consumed by rush, thus don't expect any posts in the near future. Once school gets started and rush is over, Im sure we will have many funny stories to share!

Asalama et Ana Bahebeg
(PS I am attempting to learn Arabic)

Barbara Jean