Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the literally

I feel like this blog has turned into an outlet for all of the complaints we have regarding our apartment/each other. order to continue that trend I would like to file a complaint. Last night as Bev and I sat in the living room, watching a little TV, we began to notice that our living room was incredibly warm, or rather stifling. Bev and I were puzzled because as soon as the temperature outdoors reached 60-70s, we turned off every heat dial in our house. I decided to inspect the heat dial in the living room myself to make sure it was exactly were we left it...OFF. Imagine my surprise to find that the dial was cranked all the way up to 85F. I was speechless. I relayed my discovery to Bev....she had a one word response for me...GERALDINE.

Now, for those of you who don't know, Geraldine has a tendency to crank the heat in every room in the house, especially the living room. Now usually, Bev, Betty or I immediately turn the heat back down to where it should be after Ger touches it, however none of us realized that Geraldine turned our heat up to sauna status last night. I think we may need to take drastic measures...high school style, cover the temperature dial with plastic and lock it...take that Geraldine...just kidding, love ya!

Since we don't post as regularly as we did 1st semester, I feel the need to give some updates...
- No worries friends, we passed our housing inspection, no violations here!
- Bev has decided to attend Loyola next year for grad school...get it GIRRRRRL!
- BJ gave her very first seminar presentation yesterday and she ROCKED it!
- Betty now has 12 participants for her seminar study...yeah!
- Geraldine now makes it until almost 12 am everynight...congrats Ger, you're no longer a grandma :)
- Alistair now responds when you yell "hey ugly," it seems we've trained him well

Thats all for now friends, more posts to come over spring break. I hope everyone travels safe and don't forget not to do anything we wouldn't do.


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