Wednesday, February 25, 2009


First I must begin by apologizing. I have been informed, by several of our loyal readers, that the seminary 3 blog has not lived up to its first semester standards. For this I am sorry, seminar is currently ruling my life, and I'm fairly certain, Betty, Geraldine and Bev have forgotten about this poor little blog.

I will, however, promise that I will do a better job of keeping the blog updated, as it allows some of you to procrastinate for a little bit longer.

I have decided, since it has been almost 3 weeks since the last post, to give updates on all of the roommates as well as some of our important friends.

Barbara Jean:
BJ's life has become a black hole of seminar hell as of late. She has enjoyed 3 weeks of sleep overs with Roy as well as new found addiction to Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Coffee. Her roommates hardly ever see her and seem to be locking her out constantly.

Betty has been up to the usual Spanish and Kinesiology homework, also she has a new found love of garlic bagel chips, which make the rest of the roommates, BJ especially flee when she enters a room.

Our lovely law school applicant was just accepted to SLU, (congrats GD!!) news which she was thrilled to hear, as it means she has a future :)

Oh much to say. Our lovely Psychology Grad school applicant has been accepted to both MS and Loyola...YAY BEV! Now it comes down to choosing one, which may be more difficult than the application process itself.

Journey Jo:
Our beloved bride-to-be has been working on planning her wedding as well as plodding through her senior seminar, get it girl!

Our friendly GC native has been absent as of late due to a serious of illnesses which, today, landed her in the hospital, our thoughts are with you Chas.

Has reached a new status on the "Seminary 3 Loves You Chart" as he purchased Heavyweights (Yes, the movie about the fat camp kids) and mailed it to Betty for all of Seminary 3 to enjoy!

No surprises here...he's still an asshole

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief update, I promise to keep the blog updated with amusing daily occurrences.


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