Monday, March 2, 2009

Seminary 3 = WW4

So this weekend, Betty and Geraldine ditched BJ and Bev to go home. Now normally, BJ and Bev would have utilized this time to clean the apartment and make it look presentable for when the other half of our family returned, however, this weekend that did not happen, which in turn left our apartment in a state which would horrify any fraternity member.

Brief description of the nastiness that is our apartment:

Kitchen- Dirty dishes (mostly mine) line the sink, clean dishes are overflowing on the "drain" side of the sink. The floor has not been swept/mopped in over a week. The countertops look like a break factory, aka crumbs are everywhere.

Dinning Room- Books, papers, binders, notebooks, makeup, nail-polish, laptops and cups cover the entire table. Also the floor has not been vacuumed in almost 2 weeks.

Living Room- Again, papers, books, backpacks and cups cover almost every surface area. Also, all of the furniture is disarranged from Bev's photography project. PS- we are still missing several bouncy balls from that particular endeavor, if you find any, let us know.

Bathroom- Perhaps the nastiest room in the house, this one does not even deserve a description, i'll leave it up to your imagination.

I would say that the ladies of seminary 3 need to clean, immediately, before their apartment becomes a health violation...just kidding, its really not that bad, just messier than our usual neat freak status.

Kisses to all this cold afternoon,

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