Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kitchen Overhaul

In an effort to completely clean our apartment, we decided it was high time the fridge had an overhaul. While this seemed like a brilliant idea, we soon found we had our work cut out for us. Exhibit #1: Sour mix, spilled all over the bottom shelf of the fridge-it's been there since week 2 of first semester...disgusting. Exhibit #2: Salad dressing leaked out of the bottle onto all three door shelves- the result, every single bottle in the door had to be rinsed and dried. Exhibit #3: "deli drawer" had crumbs and peaces of unrecognizable food- the result- Betty had to get down and dirty in the shower with it.

For some, cleaning the nasty fridge would have been enough, but for Betty, Bev and I, it was just the beginning. We decided, in order to make the kitchen more efficient, we needed to rearrange all of the counter-tops/cupboards. BRILLIANT...3 hours later, it was not so brilliant. While this process did take up most of our Friday night, it was worth it when Geraldine walked in the kitchen the next morning and couldn't find a glass..BAHAHAH.

That is all for now.

The seminary 3 cleaning service

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