Saturday, January 24, 2009

And I returned from Egypt alive!

Since it has been 3 weeks since Ive updated, I decided it was about time. So lets begin with Egypt...lets just say it may have been one of the most amazing times of my life. We rode camels, bartered with the natives, ate falafel, ran from the riot police, flirted with Egyptian men and touched the Nile, amongst other things. Cairo was dirty and smelly but beautiful none the less. One interesting development is that each Egyptian bathroom contains a beday (so NOT spelled correctly), my roommate thought it was a urinal and thus sprayed herself in the face with toilet water. Overall it was an amazing trip and I am missing the "gypt" already, in fact I am planning a trip back this summer :). In other news, our lives (those of us who are greek) are consumed by rush, thus don't expect any posts in the near future. Once school gets started and rush is over, Im sure we will have many funny stories to share!

Asalama et Ana Bahebeg
(PS I am attempting to learn Arabic)

Barbara Jean

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